Polar Helicopters the coolest way to travel

PPL Training - Syllabus

The PPL Training Syllabus is as follows:
  • Familiarisation with the helicopter
  • Preparation for and action after flight
  • Air experience - your trial lesson!
  • Effects of the controls - what the controls do in forward flight
  • Attitude and power changes
  • Level flight, climbing, descending and turning
  • Basic autorotation - 'gliding' a helicopter
  • Hovering - the ultimate challenge!
  • Take off and landing
  • Transitions - from the hover to the climb, and from the descent to the hover
  • Circuits
  • First solo
  • Sideways and backwards manoeuvres
  • Turns on the spot
  • Vortex ring
  • Engine off landings
  • Advanced autorotation
  • Practice forced landings
  • Steep turns
  • Advanced transitions
  • Quickstops - stopping the aircraft safely from cruise speed at low altitude
  • Navigation
  • Advanced take offs and landings
  • Take offs and landings on sloping ground
  • Limited power - learning to fly when available power is limited
  • Confined area operations
  • Instrument flying

Medical Examination

Before your first solo flight you must have passed a basic medical examination by an Approved Aviation Medical Examiner. This can usually be done locally and we can provide you with the contact details of the appropriate doctors.

Briefs & debriefs

Each training flight is preceded by a pre-flight brief during which the objectives of the lesson are explained and discussed, and followed by a post flight discussion and debrief. All pre and post flight briefs are included within the hourly flying rate.

Ground Exams

The ground exams are integrated throughout the course and the subjects are generally covered on the basis of self study, although help and guidance will always be given by your instructor. Additional training for ground exams is available at a small extra cost and some group lessons may be available.