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PPL Training

Gaining a private pilots licence (helicopters) is both challenging and fun. Once completed, the PPL will enable you to fly family and friends to airfields and private sites all over the country or indeed further afield across the channel.
The PPL(H) course itself involves one-to-one training following a structured course set by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Flight training consists of a minimum of 45 hours flying (39 if you already hold a fixed wing licence) including training in general handling, navigation and dealing with simulated emergency situations.

During the course you will also complete at least 10 hours of solo flying and 5 hours of flying with sole reference to instruments.

Towards the completion of your PPL(H) training you will achieve a solo flight to land away at two different airfields. The theoretical training includes 7 multiple choice exams (listed in Ground Exams section).

You will also learn how to use the radio to communicate with air traffic control.

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