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Corporate Tactical Team Building

Corporate tactical events are a fantastic way to promote team work and experience the ultimate challenge of flying helicopter.

Team building is an important part of promoting motivation and trust among employees. Polar Helicopters tactical team building flights will split participants into teams of 3. These teams will fly together and help and encourage each other during the flight to ensure the maximum points for each member which will contribute to the highest possible overall flight score for the team.

The flight duration is 30 minutes per team, with each member taking the front seat and the controls for 10 minutes. Each 10 minute flight will each fly a different route over the local area, giving team members in the back a chance to see the landscape from the air, whilst also encouraging and guiding the pilot.

They will return to the airfield at the end of the flight to give each pilot a chance at the ultimate challenge of hovering.

Each team member will be marked by the instructor on 3 key points:

  • Straight and level flight for 1 minute
  • A 90 degree turn, maintaining the same height
  • Hovering the aircraft for the longest amount of time
The aircraft is a Robinson R44 helicopter which has 2 seats in the back, 1 pilot and 1 instructor seat in the front. It has a cruising speed of 120mph.

After scores have been collated, each participant will be given a certificate of achievement. The team scores will be calculated and the winners will be announced.

With viewing areas from the conference room, reception or from our decking area outside, each team can watch and judge as each takes their turn. Teas and coffee are available for all participants.

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