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Further Training

Further Training - Commercial Licence

A commercial licence will enable a pilot to fly for remuneration and can lead to a job in any of the very varied sectors of the helicopter industry, either in the UK or abroad.

Initial Requirements

  • Hold a valid PPL(H)
  • Hold a Class 1 medical certificate
  • Student to be at least 18 years of age
  • 155 hours flight time as pilot of helicopters inc 50 hours PIC
  • To have completed CPL(H) or ATPL(H) theoretical exams within the last three years.

Summary of Course

The Commercial Flying Course involves a minimum of 30 hours Dual flying (or 35 if the student does not yet possess a night rating).

Before embarking on a commercial flying course at Polar Helicopters the candidate must have completed the required minimum hours (there are some reductions for qualified fixed wing pilots) and the theoretical exams. There are several places in the UK which provide either distance learning or full time courses in order to achieve passes in these exams. Although we do not run the theoretical courses ourselves, we are always happy to advise people on the options available.

The flying course is structured in a very similar way to the PPL(H) but with a more professional standard of flying expected. Each flight will be proceeded by a pre-flight brief to explain and discuss objectives and followed by a de-brief to examine any issues relevant to the flight completed. The course will cover general handling, emergency procedures, navigation and instrument flying.

As we are open 7 days a week, we can be totally flexible and tailor each course to suit individual training requirements. Some students choose to complete their CPL(H) course on a full time basis, whilst others may arrange their training around current work commitments.

When the commercial flying training is nearing completion, candidates will complete a check flight with an external examiner, who can then certify that the standard of competence is suitable for the student to apply for the commercial skills test, which is conducted with a CAA examiner.

Prices (2023)

R22 Dual Training
R44 Dual Training
B206 Dual Training
Landing Fees at Manston
General Flight Test (payable directly to the CAA)
£350 per hour
£524 per hour
R22 Dual Training
£ 350 per hour

R44 Dual Training
£ 524 per hour

B206 Dual Training

Landing Fees at Manston

General Flight Test
(payable directly to the CAA)
All above prices are exclusive of VAT

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